- About Click Clack Jack -

Click Clack Jack: A Rail Legend is the story of an 1870s railroad engineer named Jack who operates a small branch line in the town of Potter's Gap. Jack, or more affectionately known by some as Click Clack Jack, uses his Biblical wisdom and his love for people to save his town from being destroyed by a greedy land baron.

The story begins with Jack finding a stranger lying on the tracks just outside of town. Jack and his Aunt Jo take care of the stranger and nurse him back to health, only to have him mysteriously leave without a "good-bye". Tragic news comes as they receive word that Baron Snodgrass has decided to destroy the town. The Baron believes that the gold he’s been searching for all these years is located beneath Potter's Gap.

Jack makes a deal with the Baron giving Jack one week to come up with the necessary money to purchase the town. He and Aunt Jo devise a plan to raise the money. After news spreads of their efforts to save the town,  those that once thought the situation was hopeless are now participating in the cause to save it.

With much work and personal sacrifice, the good folk of Potter’s Gap raise adequate funds to purchase the town from Baron Snodgrass. The town can now be saved and Jack is a hero . . . or is he? Before Jack has a chance to pay the Baron, the money is stolen, and the townsfolk accuse the mysterious stranger of the crime.

As he visits the stranger in jail, a secret is revealed that requires Jack to put his faith in action. Will this secret lead Jack to the answer that will help save the town or will it only lead to more unanswered questions?


- Click Clack Jack -

Click Clack Jack is played by Keith Peyton Thomas

Train engineer, Click Clack Jack, is respected and admired by everyone in Potter’s Gap. Even children gravitate to him because he lives out his belief that, “Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart.” Jack takes his reputation as local hero seriously when he comes up with a plan to save his town from being demolished by the greedy Baron Snodgrass. Although his new friendship with a stranger threatens his plan, Jack’s faith in Christ sustains him to see it through.

Aunt Jo

- Aunt Jo -

Aunt Jo is played by Shirley Raun

In a tight situation, Aunt Jo is the one Jack can turn to in a crisis. Although Aunt Jo is sweet and steady she has a spiritual strength to be admired. She’s always ready to lend a hand especially to her nephew, Jack. And she’ll need all the courage she can find to aid him this time as he goes up against the ornery Baron Snodgrass.


- Hobo -

Hobo played by James Burns

Lonely and in search of something to fill the void in his life, the hobo wanders into Potter’s Gap in hopes of finding what he is looking for. When he meets up with Jack he discovers that his answers have been within reach all along. As he gets one step closer to real peace, his journey is soon halted with false accusations and he takes a closer look at what he’s missing in his life.


- Baron Snodgrass -

Baron Snodgrass played by Robert Pierce

Every story has a nemesis and this one is in the form of a greedy land tycoon named Baron Snodgrass. Determined to find long lost gold which he believes is hidden beneath Potter’s Gap the Baron will stop at nothing to get what he wants. With the help of his goofy sidekicks, Baron Snodgrass schemes to destroy the lives of everyone who gets in his way


- The Thugs -

Two Thugs played by David Leo Schultz and Brice W. Harris IV

More comical than menacing, these two characters jump at the Baron’s beck and call. They have difficulties from the start following orders and staying out of trouble. When a measure of grace is shown to one of them a softening of the heart begins to take place.

Museum Guide

- Museum Guide -

Museum Guide played by Mike Muscat

With a twinkle in his eye and a secret waiting to be revealed our museum guide brings the past alive with his colorful narration of Click Clack Jack. Always looking for a chance to share a story, this likeable guide finds his storytelling opportunity with a class of field trip students. Enamored with his telling of the famous legend, the on-screen listeners are drawn in as he sets the stage for a glimpse of faith- filled history.